Capturing Georgia Tech's wide-ranging impact in a single communication feels nearly impossible, but this 2022 President’s Report aims to share the depth and breadth of our work since the release of the previous President’s Report in October 2021.

Check out some of our stories from then to now in the areas of academics, research, campus life, and community.

A Message From the President

There is no better way to measure a university’s success than by the impact it has on the people and communities it serves.

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President Angel Cabrera
Student working with a drone


Behind every superior institution of higher learning is an approach to academics that ensures students are afforded all that is necessary to properly prepare them to take on the world as well-rounded professionals and community members. Our stories — including return-on-investment distinction, rankings excellence, international advances, record-setting graduation success rates, and then some — are proof positive that Georgia Tech is doing just that.

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Whether it’s improving at-home Covid-19 testing, collaborating with NASA on space exploration, or studying sea level rise right here in Georgia, the research enterprise at Georgia Tech demonstrates remarkably every day what it means to advance technology to improve the human condition.

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Research student wearing a MagTrack device
Campus Life intro

Campus Life

A rich campus life is as much a part of developing leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition as is the work done in classrooms and labs. We're sharply focused on providing clubs, activities, and enrichment through campus life and programs that will help our students grow and learn to lead healthy, purposeful, impactful lives.

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It might look like expanding premier education access to a more diverse pool of students or helping improve local transit, but whatever the effort or channel, Georgia Tech’s focus on being an example of inclusive innovation begins and ends with community, creating solutions with real human impact.

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Community section

Tech in the News

Many of the developments at Georgia Tech necessarily, and regularly, attract national attention, with our experts from various disciplines weighing in on the day's top news stories, and hundreds of thousands of shares rippling through social media. 

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